Career Development Session

Building and Sustaining Strong Research Collaborations

Collaboration is an essential part of research and interdisciplinary collaborations can make projects stronger and support career development - but collaborations can be hard to start and harder to sustain. This panel discussion and Q&A will focus on what to look for when starting collaborations, how to build successful collaborations (inside and outside of Academia, within and across Universities, and with collaborators of different backgrounds), and how to nurture collaborations over time. This session is organized by the SMDM Career Development Committee. 

Moderator: Jenny Spencer, The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Natalia Kunst, University of Oslo, Norway
Davene Wright, Harvard Medical School, USA
John Graves, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA

Date: 23 May 2023

Time: 13.00-13.50


Organised By

Kenes Group, Office: Kenes M+